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Products: Book
Books, training manuals, and white papers related to 4D development.
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4D v11 SQL the Missing Manual by Luc-Michel Six Update
This book is designed to help both new and experienced 4D developers get up to speed on 4D v11 SQL, whether you're upgrading an existing application or starting fresh.
Published by: 4D, Inc.  (US)
Product URL: http://www.4D.com/
Le Guide 4D 2004
French book about 4th Dimension 2004. This book in French covers the numerous features of 4D 2003, 2004 and 2004.1: development framework, macros, 4D View, printing, reports, XML, SOAP & WSDL (Web services), connectivity / SQL, and more.
Published by: e-Node SA  (France)
Product URL: http://www.e-node.net/G4D2004
Le Guide 4D v6.5 - Aspects fondamentaux Update
More than practical, this guide written in French will provide developers of all levels a way to discover and develop their skills in 4D. This guide offers a set of tips and code examples as well as advice.
Published by: e-Node SA  (France)
Product URL: http://www.e-node.net/Guide4DAF
Le Guide 4D v6.7 - Expert
Written in French by a team of 11 experts, specializing in 4D, advanced technologies, operating systems, and the Internet. This advanced guide allows even the most experienced developers to extend 4D's limits.
Published by: e-Node SA  (France)
Product URL: http://www.e-node.net/G4DExpert
Le Guide 4D v6.7 - Initiation Update
This is the first guide for beginners written in French that discusses the main topics about programming 4D on Mac OS and Windows.
Published by: e-Node SA  (France)
Product URL: http://www.e-node.net/G4DInitiation
The 4D Web Services Companion by David Adams
Get a firm grip on Web Services development in 4D with The 4D Web Services Companion. From the very basics of Web Services to tips and tricks to optimize your development efforts, longtime 4D guru David Adams brings his vast knowledge to beginner and advanced developers alike.
Published by: 4D, Inc.  (US)
Product URL: http://store.4ddepot.com/
Training Guide 4D v6.8 Getting Started Update
This book leads you through the step-by-step development of a film database, first using 4D's RAD environment and then customizing it with menus, methods, and other programming features.
Published by: Committed Software  (US)
Product URL: http://www.committedsoftware.com/books