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About 4DToday.com
About 4DToday.com
4DToday.com was created to reunite all the information regarding 4D to developers around the world. 4DToday.com is in both English and French.
4DToday.com contains the following sections:
Daily NewsDaily updated news regarding 4D and 4D related products and services.
Upcoming EventsThe upcoming events in the 4D world.
Tech TipsDaily tech tips from 4D developers.
SpotlightsProducts and services chosen daily as spotlights.
SurveysDaily interactive surveys with the latest results.
DirectoryA directory of 4D developers, products and user groups.
ClassifiedsFree advertisements updated daily.
ReferenceUseful information about 4D as well as HTML/ASCII charts and hexadecimal converters.
ArchivesA database of all previous news items, tech tips, spotlights, and surveys.
Future enhancements
Our web site will be continually adding new features and enhancements. We will announce them as they go live. If you'd like to send us your comments and/or suggestions, please fill out this form.
This site is served completely with 4D Server v13 and is hosted on an i7 Mac mini.
The database, written by Dave Batton, is based on the Foundation shell.
Web design, web site architecture, and 4D web integration developed by Melinda Gallo.
All HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code was written by Melinda Gallo with BBEdit.
4DToday.com is hosted by 4D NET Center.
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