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Products: Component
4D components can be installed using 4D Insider.
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4D ACH Component Update
Provides methods to produce NACHA files that can be uploaded to any bank that supports ACH processing. This component contains only methods (no tables or forms are installed).
Published by: Schaake Consulting, LLC
Product URL: http://www.schaakeconsulting.com/4dACH/4dACH.html
This component allows you to Login, Query, Insert, Delete and Update records in a MySQL Server via TCP/IP. (Source code is available)
Published by: Santino Cusimano  (Italy)
Product URL: http://www.santinoc.com/
4DPop Update
Contextual menus and palette tools in structure mode. 4D 6.7 and 6.8 MacOS 9 and X, PC version in test.
Published by: Vincent de Lachaux  (France)
Product URL: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/vincent.de-lachaux/4dpop/4dpop.html
This component reads and writes IPTC information from and to image files. It will edit only the image header; the image data will remain untouched. This is important for JPEG files, because they will not be recompressed.
Published by: BlueBox GmbH  (Germany)
Product URL: http://www.pictures.de/software/4iptc
Alternative Method Window Update
Hierarchical list dividing methods in components, Insider-groups and Prefix-groups. Allows you to add methods to Insider-groups by dragging and dropping them.
Published by: 4D-Systementwicklung Schmidt  (Germany)
Product URL: http://www.schmidt-system.com/downloads.html
A powerfull basic utilities component that offers array management, window management, and choice list dialogs.
Published by: Business Brothers Inc.  (US)
Product URL: http://www.bbros.com/BBBase/BBBase.html
BBFind Update
The ultimate query tool for 4D. Features Include: a Quickfind and an Advanced find screen. Queries can be saved & reloaded. BBFind queries: one to many and many to one. Speed on cross table queries is much faster than 4D's cross table queries. (Source code is available)
Published by: Business Brothers Inc.  (US)
Product URL: http://www.bbros.com/BBFind/BBFind_Features_QF.html
Bee-for-D V7
Bee-for-D is a data exchange component that allows any 4D structure to exchange data and documents with other 4D structures.
Published by: Logipack Applications  (France)
Product URL: http://www.logipack-applications.fr/
BinarySearch Update
This component implements the traditional Binary Search algorithm in native 4D code (runs in 6.7 or higher). All methods are "public" in this free component.
Published by: Skinner Consulting  (Germany)
Product URL: http://www.skinnerconsulting.com/downloads/4d/BinarySearch/binSrch.html
Contrôle SMS
Contrôle SMS is a 4D SMS API which has been developed with 4D to send text messages and SMS from within your application. Available for every 4D versions
Published by: SOUBEYRAND Consultant  (France)
Product URL: https://www.controle-sms.com/en/
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